About Us

Lunch Break Games Blog is a multi-media celebration of everything gaming and pop culture. From articles and artwork, to comedy and memes, LBG is the perfect lunch break stop for the best in gaming discussion, stories, and art. We are a site designed to celebrate gaming through creative content, and to create a diverse community around a shared love of the games that we love. So pull up a chair to the lunch table, and get ready to enjoy great conversations and content that celebrate gaming!

Meet the Team



Pronouns: He/His

Bio: Michael considered pursuing video game design at an early age, but interests in biology and medicine eventually led him to becoming a pharmacist. His love for video games never left and has now inspired him to help create Lunch Break Games Blog. He can’t wait to dispense fun content and share his passion for games!

Favorite Games: Mario 64, Journey, Breath of the Wild, God of War (4), Stardew Valley, Banjo Kazooie

Gaming Hot Take: Open world games are overrated.


Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them

Bio: For the past ten years, Jeff has worked in the entertainment industry as a producer, stage manager, marketer, director, and reviewer for live theatre, film, and more.  In addition he has also worked heavily with the non-profit community. A huge fan of anything Nintendo and indie titles, Jeff will constantly gush about games that have whimsical and awe inspiring environments and stories. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing music with his brother, watching cartoons and movies, DMing Dungeons and Dragons games, playing basketball, and cooking with his wife Katy.

Favorite Games: Zelda Series, Mario Series, Celeste, Stardew Valley, Banjo Kazooie, Night in the Woods, Undertale (and many more)

Gaming Hot Take: The WiiU was a good console with a great library, y’all are just mean.




Pronouns: He/Him/His

Bio: Ben is a visual artist and music producer for LBG. His visual art style is inspired by video game, anime, and comic book aesthetics. He has over ten years of experience recording and producing pop-punk, rock, pop, and trap music for his personal projects, but LBG represents the first time he has produced for a larger project. In his free time, Ben likes playing guitar, drawing cartoons, spending time with his lovely wife, and of course gaming! In addition to his work for LBG, Ben is working toward a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering.

Favorite Games: Dark Souls Series, Sekiro, Megaman Zero series, Dead Cells, Genshin Impact

Gaming Hot Take: Dark Souls II is more replayable and fun than the original.

Kyle P (KP)

Pronouns: He/They

Bio: Kyle is a developer and source of good humor for LBG. Cat Dad (<3 u Ru).  He studied classical and contemporary percussion for many years (professional noise-maker) and has been playing games since before he can remember (professional score-getter). Currently has 201 berries in Celeste, casually working toward Farewell golden.

Favorite Games: Celeste, Majora’s Mask (and the rest of the Zelda series), Stardew Valley, Donkey Kong Country 2, any game you play as a ~Cat~

Gaming Hot Take: A game doesn’t have to be “good” to be fun.